Maartje Dijkstra is Dutch fashion designer, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
She studied at the ARTEZ/ Art Academy in Arnhem The Netherlands( Bachelor in Fashion Design) and graduated in 2006.
In 2005 she did an internship at the company of Alexander McQueen in London, where her interest in High fashion developed.

After graduation she started her own High fashion label, designing individualistic, progressive, sculptural fashion collections, fashion technology objects, accessories, illustrations and jewellery pieces.
The designs are all hand crafted and unique, designed with the future in mind and not looking back to much.
Imagination, dark electronic music, nature and progressiveness  are a big source of inspiration for her.
Her work has many manual details and is also very recognisable by her surreal hand drawn illustrations/prints.

In the beginning of 2014 she decided to focus more on making jewellery collections and fashion technology objects.This gives her the opportunity to work with other artist and programmers in the field of technology and music producers, creating one of a kind performance art/ high fashion pieces.

More info about fashion technology projects-

In this store you have the change to purchase one of a kind high fashion jewellery pieces, designed and created  out of the same special materials and manual details as I use in my high fashion collections.If you have any questions about my items, my work as an designer or requests for tattoos designs, paintings or customized items, please go to 'contact ' and let me know!

When you purchased one of my items, I hope you will wear the piece with lots of exhilaration.